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Adox Silvermax 35mm 36 exposures




Ieteicams līdz: 10.2019

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Black and white film on a clear base for optional reversal process (B&W slide film) SILVERMAX has an increased silver-content compared to regular negative films.

This enables it to built up a DMAX of >3,0 if reversal developed to a slide (Agfa-Scala) or reproduce up to 14 zones in our dedicated SILVERMAX Developer if developed to a negative. This way SILVERMAX catches it all for you: the brightest highlights and the deepest shaddows. SILVERMAX is incredibly sharp due to it´s anti-halation layer between the emulsion and the base. The detail contrast is enhanced by this as well. SILVERMAX features an extremely fine grain, comparable to tabular-crystal films. His speed and covering effect comes from the high silver content. SILVERMAX is coated onto clear triacetate and can be reversal processed in Agfa´s Scala process or any other b&w reversal process.


35mm film 135/36

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