Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-25E + 3-Way X-contact

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Falcon Eyes

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1 x Hotshoe HS-25E

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The Falcon Eyes HS-25E Hotshoe Adapter makes it possible to trigger up to 4 (camera) flashes. The HS-25E has 2 female x-contact points, 1 male x-contact point and a standard center contact point. Further, it is equipped with a test button allowing you to test whether your camera flashes are connected properly.


Falcon Eyes Hotshoe HS-25E + 3 Way X-Contact Specifications


All Speedlite camera flashes equipped with a center contact can be attached to the center contact of the HS-25E.


Please note: Sony and Konica Minolta Speedlites are not compatible with the HS-25E. Please see the optional accessories tab below for all suitable synchronization cables with an x-contact.

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