walimex Background Mount up to 135cm

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-paredzēts fonu stiprināšanai, kuru platums nepārsniedz 1.35m (150g/m2);

-ļoti noderīgs portretu fotografēšani mazās studijās, kā arī pārvadāšanai;
-savietojams arī ar smagākiem foniem;
-aprīkots ar "āķi", lai varētu pakārt (piemēram, uz naglas pie sienas);

-samazina fona krokas;

Stiprinājums sastāv no 4 sliedēm:

-2 stiprina fonu;

-2 atsvari, lai fons tiktu nostiepts.

Tehniskā specifikācija:
garums:     140cm;

Max. svars: 150g/m2;

Svars:         388g;
Materiāls:    plastmasa, alumīnijs

Uzmanību! Attēlā redzamais fons nav komplektā.
  • for mounting backgrounds up to a width of 1.35m and 150g/m²
  • perfectly suited for portrait photography in smaller studios and on location
  • also well-suited for heavier backgrounds
  • with a hook for hanging
  • weighing and smoothing of the background by lower rail
  • also suited for smoothing rolled goods
  • excellent workmanship

With the Background Mount by walimex for backgrounds of a width of up to 1.35m and a weight of up to 150g/m² you can hang up a variety of backgrounds. The system consists of four rails, two inner ones and two outer ones. You can use it with the hanger for cut paper or plastic backgrounds or without hanger for smoothing rolled goods. Like this you only need one system for different background materials, which saves you additional storage space, especially in smaller rooms.

Due to the two rails the background system proves to be particularly reliable. No additional fixation on the background with screws or clamps is necessary. The outer rail fixates the inner rail with the weight of the background and thus creates a permanent joint. Like this you achieve a high degree of stability and max. load capacity.

The inner rail consists of flexible plastic, which means it is also suitable for use on very thick or smooth background materials, while the outer rail from aluminum gives the necessary stability. The system gives you a high degree of stability at a very small transport weight. For this reason, the system is also suitable for petite photographers and it can be used without problems in smaller studios.

One of the outer rails comes with a hanger, which makes it possible to mount it on, e.g., screws and nails, without the need for an additional background system. Due to the extremely compact transport size of the system it leaves space for further equipment.

The system can be used perfectly with backgrounds up to a width of 1.35m. The weight of the rails is enough to smooth the background and thus minimize the formation of creases and fixate the background to the floor. Like this you receive wonderfully smooth and even backgrounds, which particularly pay off in portrait photography.

General information

Material Synthetic material, aluminium
Product Color Silver
Length 1400mm
Weight 350g


Special Features Max. load-bearing capacity: ca. 150g/mІ


Girth 295mm
Height of Packaging 59mm
Length of Packaging 1399mm
Weight incl. Packaging 634g
Width of Packaging 59mm
Background holderswall mount

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