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2 x L-B2900H/B stand (max 290 cm) ;2 x CBH-5 bracket ;1 x B-reel roll holder ;1 x Chain (1.7 m) ;1 x Weight for chain; 1 x Background Paper 01 Arctic White 2,75 x 11 m

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The Falcon Eyes Background System SPK-1A is an extra sturdy background system specifically suitable for wide background rolls of 2.75m and comes complete with a white paper background roll (2.75 x 11m). Despite this, background rolls of 1.35m can also be used in conjunction with this system. The stands have an extra large spread, are made of thicker tubes and are longer than the standard background system stands (2.90m instead of 2.50m). This set comes with 2 stands, 2 roll holders, 2 brackets for hanging the roll holders, a 2.75 x 11m white paper background roll and a chain with weight allowing you to roll the roll off and on. The stands contain extra pre-drilled holes in order for you to hang 2 more rolls. In order to do this, 2 sets of CBH-5 brackets and 2 sets of B-Reel roll holders are needed and can be found in the optional accessories tab below


;*If you would prefer to have a different colored paper background, please specify the desired rolls and their corresponding color number and/or item number in the comment box in your shopping cart.

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FalconEyesBackgroundSystemSPK-1A RollWhite

FalconEyesBackgroundSystemSPK-1A RollWhite

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