Falcon Eyes Cross Bar CB-5030-3 Sections Ш53mm x 3 m

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Falcon Eyes

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1 x Cross Bar CB-5030-3 (3 Sections); 1 x Allen key

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The Falcon Eyes CB-5030-3 Crossbar is a crossbar suitable for cloth backgrounds. The CB-3050-3 is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and carry. It is therefore easily used as an extra crossbar for your background system, and set up in a timely manner. The Crossbar can be fixed to your background system with the use of a Falcon Eyes B-Reel (see optional accessories).


The CB-5030-3 consists of three separate sections of 1 meter per section, which are easy to couple to each other with the aid of an Allen key. This makes the product easy and compact to store and no extra shipping cost will apply.


Product typeFonu turētāji
Background holderscrossbar

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