Background Set with Holder - Falcon Eyes Background System SPK-2 with 2 Rolls Black/White 1.35x11 m - quick order from manufacturer

2 x (Light)stand I-2601/M;2 x rolling system B-reel (4 holders, 2 chain (1.7 m), 2 x chain guides) ;1 x roll 1.35x11 m backdrop paper white ;1 x roll 1.35x11 m backdrop paper black

Falcon Eyes Background System SPK-2 with 2 Rolls Black/White 1.35x11 m

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Falcon Eyes

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reserveThe Falcon Eyes Background System SPK-2 is a complete hanging system with the inclusion of a black and white paper background roll. The SPK-2 is a quick and simple system to assemble, making it ideal for use on location or in the studio and is specifically designed for paper background rolls. With the supplied chain set, the background roll/s can easily be rolled up or off. The length of the system is determined by the width of the background roll/s used. The system comes with 2 paper rolls with a width of 1.35 m, however the system can bear the weight of the paper rolls up to 2.75m wide. Two roll holders are supplied. On the roll holder without chain you will find a rotary knob that allows you to adjust how light or heavy the paper rolls off. The last picture shows the dial.

*If you would prefer to have a different coloured paper background, please specify the desired rolls and their corresponding colour number in the ‘comment’ box in your shopping cart. 

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