walimex S-Bayonet Adapter f. Studio Flashes, 9,5cm

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New product

  • for mounting light formers with s-bayonet on flash devices without bayonet
  • ideal for e.g. the following series: walimex M series, Proxistar
  • easy mounting through flexible clip
  • with locking lever for fixing accessories, e.g. beauty dish, softbox, etc.
  • very sturdy and tough metal construction
  • for flashes with diameter 9,5cm

Mounting light formers on flash devices withour bayonet: Very easy with the walimex Bayonet Adapter.
The Adapter is suitable for all flashes with integrated reflector and without mounting fixture, such as walimex M series, Proxistar series and other devices with approx. 9,5cm diameter. Thanks to the flexible clip and the integrated clamping technique, the Adapter can simply be attached on your flash head. Once mounted to your flash, you can fix light formers (e.g. softboxes, spot fixtures, etc.) with the following connections: walimex pro VC, walimex RD, Aurora, Bowens and Rimelite. Your accessories can be mounted securely with the locking lever. Therewith such an unimpressive accessory can bring out much more from your “small” flash devices.

General information

Material Metal
Weight 280g
Product Color Black, Silver


Bayonet S
inner diamter 95mm


Girth 400mm
Height of Packaging 50mm
Length of Packaging 125mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 400g
Width of Packaging 125mm
Adapter includedBowens

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