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Lādētājs četrām AA betrijām

  • Fast battery charger for everyday use
  • Charges 1–4 AA / AAA batteries
  • Charge time up to 3 hours
  • Safety timer, LED indicators
  • Four eneloop Pro AA NiMH batteries included
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SmartPlus Charger and ENELOOP Pro 4xAA 2400mAh K-KJ55HCD40E

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New product

The BQ-CC55 is Panasonic's new quickcharger. The BQ-CC55 has 4 independent channels, each with its own 3-color LED indicator. This enables the charger to indicate the capacity of the batteries, show the status of the charging proces and perform a simple battery life check.

  • Charging control: Smart Charge; delta V; timer
  • 3 × LED indicator: Charging: ON, Full charged: OFF
  • Charging time 1.5–3 hours
  • Four BK-3HCDE (AA 2500 mAh) NiMH eneloop rechargeables included
Battery typeCharger + AA Battery
Battery Capacity, mAh2500

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