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Flash output

  •     Max. guide number 44 for ISO 100/21° and 105 mm

Basic configuration

  •     Vertical ( 90°) and horizontal (300°) swivel reflector
  •     Simple operating concept
  •     Motor zoom for 24 – 105 mm illumination
  •     Integrated wide-angle diffuser for 12 mm illumination
  •     Flip-out reflector card
  •     Modelling light (permanent light for checking the image (subject to camera))
  •     Integrated auto focus flash metering
  •     Flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display on the unit and camera (subject to camera)
  •     Automatic unit shut-off

Standard flash modes

  •     TTL flash mode
  •     Manual flash mode with 4 partial lighting levels
  •     Slave mode: remote mode in camera-specific mode, exposure via built-in mastering camera flash or an additional external flash unit (master mode)
  •     First and second shutter curtain synchronisation (subject to camera)
  •     Manual flash exposure correction for TTL flash mode (subject to camera)
  •     Automatic fill-in flash

Camera-specific system flash modes

Canon Version

  •     E-TTL- / E-TTL-II flash mode
  •     E-TTL remote mode (slave mode)

Nikon / Fujifilm  Version

  •     i-TTL / i-TTL BL
  •     i-TTL remote mode (slave mode)

Olympus / Panasonic / Leica Version

  •     Four Thirds TTL flash mode
  •     Four thirds TTL remote mode (slave mode)

Pentax Version

  •     P-TTL flash mode
  •     P-TTL remote mode (slave mode)

Sony Alpha Version

  •     ADI flash mode / pre-flash TTL
  •     ADI remote mode (slave mode)

Samsung Version

  •     S-TTL flash mode
  •     S-TTL remote mode (slave mode)

Ready for the future

    Firmware update via integrated USB socket

Power supply

  •     4 x AA alkaline-magnesium or lithium batteries
  •     4 x AA NC or NiMH rechargeable batteries

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Discontinued - METZ FLASH 44 AF 1 CANON

Discontinued - METZ FLASH 44 AF 1 CANON

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