Metabones Minolta MD to Xmount T adapter (Black Matt) (MB_MD-X-BT1)


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Metabones Minolta MD to Xmount T adapter (Black Matt) (MB_MD-X-BT1)

The Metabones MB_MD-X-BT1 allows a Minolta MD mount lens to be attached to a Fujifilm X-Mount camera. Metabones adapters are quality made, using precision-machined brass with chromium plating on both the camera-body and the lens sides of the adapter in order to ensure smooth mounting, quality aesthetic, and durability. Although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm (AE metering), or other auto functions are not retained using this adapter. Metabones uses a special matte-black treatment to keep internal reflections to a minimum in order to maintain the maximum optical quality.

Technical Specifications

  • Use to adapt Minolta MD Lenses to Fuji X-Mount Cameras
  • Both camera-side and lens-side of the adapter are made of brass, precision-machined and plated with chromium
  • Satin surface finish

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