Astora SF 100 Bi-color LED SF PANEL - Super-Flood Series




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New heights of brightness with up to 16629 lux@1m Complete kits with wireless remote and removable barn doors included Perfect color reproduction with a TLCI up to 98 and a CRI up to 97 Fan-less, silent operation Low power consumption perfect for battery operation on the go Available in three different models, all lights are designed to meet the needs of photographers and filmmakers. Features include the highest brightness in its class and built-in wireless control and removable barn doors. With an almost perfect color reproduction and silent fan-less operation. Each of the three models has its own specific characteristics but all Astora lights are very bright and come with a wide range of built-in features. With up to 16629 lux@1m and flicker free performance they deliver consistent lighting for any situation, including high frame rates and high shutter speeds. With its integrated wireless control and included remote, settings can easily be adjusted from anywhere, at any time. All lights come in a rock-solid but lightweight metal housing and contain removable barn doors, making these lights a complete solution for any photographer or filmmaker.

The wide 120° beam angle and the fixed diffusor of the Astora SF (Super Flood) series create a soft scattered light that wraps nicely around its subject. Available in three sizes you can choose from maximum portability to largest aperture. Providing up to 13000 lumens, the Astora SF Soft series is a soft yet bright light source that mimics the effect of a soft box keeping a compact and thin form factor. In addition to wireless control the ASTORA SF series also has DMX 512 built-in, so that it can be integrated into any existing environment easily via industry standard XLR connectors. Stocks of these new range will be available to order from the beginning of April and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the versatility and quality of the product and its market competitiveness to both you and your customers at your earliest conveinince.

What you see is what you get You can easily judge lighting and shadows on your subject and adjust it to perfection without the need for test shots. See your lighting exactly as you get it in the final result. Learn the art of lighting, not a single tool To light well with a flash needs a lot of technical knowledge and experience. With continuous lighting you still need to learn the art of lighting, but you can concentrate on creativity instead of spending too much time on technology. Zero recycle time With continues lighting you are freed from the restrictions of the recycle time of flash and you will never miss any moment again. Softness By itself flash light is very harsh as it’s a small point light source. For a majority of applications soft light is preferable and our soft panels provide a much bigger lighting surface to achieve smooth transitions. Brightness Flash can still provide more brightness than continuous light, but in many instances you don’t need that level of brightness anymore. With technological advances in LED lighting, the brightness gap between continuous and flash light has become less and less and the astonishing high-level ISO capabilities of todays cameras mean, you can achieve the same aperture settings and shutter speeds with much less light than before. No distraction, take images without irritation Continuous lighting is not perceived as distracting as a flash burst, which makes continuous lighting a preference in many sensitive situations. Combine photography and videography The possibility to shoot moving images in combination with photography opens up a wide range of new opportunities. With high quality, flicker free and high brightness LED light neither high frame rates nor high shutter speeds are a problem so that you can shoot both professional stills and videos.

Discontinued - Astora SF 100 Bi-color LED SF PANEL - Super-Flood Series

Discontinued - Astora SF 100 Bi-color LED SF PANEL - Super-Flood Series

Discontinued - Astora SF 100 Bi-color LED SF PANEL - Super-Flood Series

Discontinued - Astora SF 100 Bi-color LED SF PANEL - Super-Flood Series

Discontinued - Astora SF 100 Bi-color LED SF PANEL - Super-Flood Series

Product typeVideo LED
Led typeBi-color
Light dimmingmaināma
LED light typepanelis

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