Bowens 90cm UMBRELLA Silver/White


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Bowens BW-4036 90cm UMBRELLA (36") Silver/WhiteBowens BW-4036 90cm UMBRELLA (36") Silver/White

Lietussargu var lietot kā:

-caurspīdīgo gaismas izkliedētāju;

-sudraba + baltu atstarojošo.


This 90cm dual-purpose umbrella features a white interior surface backed by a removable silver fabric with a black exterior.

This provides a soft but highly efficient bounced light source.

For close-up lighting, the silver/black backing can be removed, allowing you to get closer to your subject by lighting through the umbrella like a softbox.

PopularityRegular in stock
Umbrella typesudraba/balts
Umbrellas diametr90cm
Product groupStudijas aksesuāri

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