walimex CY-20YS Flash Trigger


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These products are no more manufacturing and not available for order. 

  • wireless triggering - no more cable tangling in the studio
  • reasonably priced and simple to handle
  • Reflector can be swiveled about 45°,60°, 75° and 90°
  • quick recharging
  • inexpensive power supply by means of 2 x AA mignon (not included in delivery)
  • suitable for all direct X-contacts except for Minolta Dynax and Sony Alpha
  • with convenient test button
  • incl. sync cable with 1.5mm jack plug
  • max. range approx. 8m

The CY-20YS Infra-Red Flash Trigger is a convenient solution for the wireless triggering of studio flashguns or slave compatible compact flashes. With a range of approx. 8 metres you can trigger your flash with this infra-red trigger via the photo cell contained on your flash. You can entirely do without bothersome sync trigger cables which turn out to be trip hazards or also limit your shooting distance.

General information

Compatibility All hot shoe except Minolta Dynax and Sony Alpha
Product Color Black
Weight 110g
Height 110mm
Width 60mm
Material Synthetic material


Range 800cm
Power Supply 2 x AA Mignon
Transfer Funk
Cable Length 300mm


Girth 353mm
Height of Packaging 64mm
Length of Packaging 115mm
Packaging Material Carton
Weight incl. Packaging 150g
Width of Packaging 75mm
Trigger purposeFor Camera Flashes
Trigeer for camerasuniversāls
Trigger typeraidītājs

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