Bowens GEMINI 500/500R UM/SB 230v KIT


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Bowens Gemini 500R/500R komplekts:

2 x Gemini 500R zibspuldzes;

2 x gaismu statīvi;

1 x platleņķa atstarotāji;
1 x 90 cm universālais lietussargs;
1 x 60x80cm softboks;
2 x pastāvīgās gaismas spuldzes;

2 x impulsa spuldzes;

2 x strāvas vadi;

1 x sinhro vads;

1 x BW-1025 komplekta soma;
1 x Pulsar radio palaidēju komplekts.


Tehniskā specifikācija:

Darbības spriegums

190-250V AC 50Hz

Sinhro kontakta spriegums


Krāsas temperatūra

5600K (±300K)

Dzesēšanas ventilators

Savietojamība ar IR (infra sarkano) pulti

Digitālais displejs

Automātiska jaudas nomešana


Ievietojams radio uztvērējs (karte)

Impulsa pārlādes laiks (100%)

1.3 sek

Impulsa ilgums (t=0.5)


Vadošais skaitlis (m/100 ISO)


Max jauda


Komplekta svars




The best-selling Gemini 500R professional flash photographic lighting kit contains everything you need to start shooting portraiture in the studio and, with the addition of an optional Travelpak battery, Bowens studio quality lighting can go anywhere. Of course like all Bowens kits the 500R Tx/Rx kit offers exceptional value for money.

Bowens standard features such as fast recycling (1.3 sec) and short flash durations (1/900s) are all here as well as a full 5 stop flash power range (500Ws-15Ws) digitally controlled by twin dials, one for stops and the other for 1/10th stop precision control. A switch controls the bright 250W modelling lamp which can be set to Full (100%), Proportional with the flash power, User defined or Off when required.

Each Gemini 500R flash head features a slot to plug in a Pulsar Radio Receiver Card which is included in the kit, the kit also comes complete with a Camera mounted Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger.
The Pulsar Tx allows flash sync over 24 different radio zones, using four channels and six studio settings, enabling you to trigger individual light sources or combine them to fire all at once without ever leaving your camera position.

The kit includes a 60x80cm rectangular Softbox with two layers of diffusion for a completely even spread of light with no distracting hotspots, together with a 90cm Silver/White Umbrella, perfect for portraiture and many still-life applications. The black cover can be simply unclipped and easily removed to leave just the white diffuser, you can then 'shoot through' the umbrella like a softbox.

The Gemini 500R Tx/Rx Kit includes:
• 2 x Gemini 500R flash heads including flash tubes, modelling lamps, power cords and protective flash tube covers.
• 1 x 120º Wide-Angle Reflector with umbrella mount.
• 1 x 90cm Silver/White Umbrella.
• 1 x 60x80cm Softbox.
• 2 x 305cm Compact Stand lighting support stands.
• 1 x Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger.
• 1 x Pulsar Rx Radio Receiver Card.
• 1 x Rolling Kit Case.
• 1 x 1m coiled Sync Cord.

The inclusion of the Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger and Pulsar Radio Receiver Card coupled with the versatility of being mains (AC) or optional Travelpak Battery (DC) powered means that the Gemini 500R kit is one of the most popular professional flash kits available today.

Infra-Red remote Yes
Sync voltage 5V DC

Kit contents: 1 x Pulsar Rx Radio Receiver Card
Kit contents: 1 x Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger
Kit contents: 1 x Rolling Kit Case
Kit contents: 1 x Sync Lead
Kit contents: 1 x Wide-Angle Reflector
Kit contents: 2 x Flash Tube
Kit contents: 2 x Gemini 500R
Kit contents: 2 x Lighting Support Stand
Kit contents: 2 x Modelling Lamp
Kit contents: 2 x Power Cord
Voltage 190-250V AC 50Hz
Number of flashes in set2 Flash Head Kits
Power Watt500
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