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The world's best lights deserve the worlds best support.
Bowens Light Support Stands represent exceptional value for money.
Constructed from black aluminium for a sturdy, attractive and non-reflective appearance.
Bowens stands feature high-quality aluminium locking clasps, rather than plastic used by some other brands, this ensures ultimate stability and maximum safety.

Handy Stand
Designed to be lightweight and small enough for ease of portability and durable enough to withstand the rigours of studio and location work. Being the smallest of Bowens range of stands the Handy Stand photographic lighting support stand has a maximum height of 6ВЅ" (195cm) and closes down to just 33" (85cm).

PopularityRegular in stock
Product groupStatīvu sistēmas un turētāji
Height of Light Stands1 – 2 m
Min height, cm82
Max height, cm195

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