Discontinued - Linkstar mini studija 50x50cm (LFPBF-50) Nr.565121

Foldable light box ;Backdrop blue

Linkstar mini studija 50x50cm (LFPBF-50) Nr.565121


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These products are no more manufacturing and not available for order. 

The Linkstar light box is especially designed for product photography of for instance products such as glass, synthetics, jewellery, watches, ceramics and electronics. The light box is foldable and easy to take along on location.


The diffuse material on the inside of the box is very suitable for minimising reflections and spreads the light evenly. The material of the light box provides a neutral colour temperature.


For an ideal lighting the box can be used in combination with normal daylight, continuous lamps or studio flash units.

Light Cube sizeMini Cubes (up to 90cm)

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