Falcon Eyes LH-ESB5050K2 2x40W 2x 50x50cm Daylight Set

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Falcon Eyes

New product

  • Saliekams dienasgaismas komplekts
  • Ideāli piemērots foto un video uzņemšanai
  • Gaismeklis ar 40 W spirāles formas spuldzi
  • Salokāms softbokss: 50 × 50 cm
  • 86–250 cm apgaismojuma statīvs

More details

The Falcon Eyes LH-ESB5050K2 Continuous Daylight Set contains two standard lamp holders each with a foldable 50x50cm softbox, two diffuse cloths (50 × 50cm), two 40 W energy saving spiral lamps with a power comparability of 200 W each and two i-2501/B light stands (2.5 m).

This set is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography and is suitable for both, beginner and experienced photographers and videographers. This set is easy to mount and allows you to create a soft and even light around a person or object. The softboxes are pre mounted, making the set easy to assemble.

  • 2 x Lamp Holder + Foldable Softbox LH-ESB5050
  • 2 x Diffuse Cloth for Softbox
  • 2 x Protection Sleeve for Lamp Holder
  • 2 x I-2501/B Light Stand
  • 2 x 40 W Spiral Lamp
Product typeFluorescent
Products with discount (%)Great deal (10-30%)
Dicsount amount (€)20 - 50 €
Dicsount amount (€)5 - 20 €
Light dimmingnon dimmable

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