walimex pro swivel arm anti-twist safeguard device

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walimex pro

New product

  • prevents the swivel arm on the 1/4 inch connecting cable from becoming loose and dropping
  • a counter-screw securely prevents rotation
  • enables the swivel arm to be attached to almost any surface
  • suitable for all swivel arms with 1/4 inch threaded bolts
  • made in Germany

The walimex pro swivel arm anti-twist safeguard prevents the swivel arms becoming loose because of the lever action on the joint between 1/4 inch screws and the holes. The set, comprising a upper and lower anti-twist safeguard adapter is suitable for almost all swivel arms that are fitted with 1/4 inch threaded bolts.

Simple and safe assembly
The lower part of the anti-twist safeguard can be attached simply with two 1/4 inch screws (provided) to a rig or cage. The adapter is made so that the swivel arm can be attached to other surfaces, if desired, such as to wood or concrete. Two elongated holes ensure that the holes can be spread at varying distances from each other. The swivel arm is screwed into the 1/4 inch inner thread of the anti-twist safeguard using its 1/4 inch threaded bolts and can also be fixed with the wing bolt provided.
The upper part of the anti-twist safeguard is fixed in place once the swivel arm has been screwed in using an Allen key, too. An Allen key has been provided. Accessories that have to be assembled on the swivel arm are placed on the accessory slot, and simply attached using a 1/4 inch screw. It is no longer necessary to laboriously screw the accessories on to the swivel arm. The screw has recesses so that it can be tightened with the Allen key. Additionally, a rubber plate on the accessory slot prevents slipping.

Made in Germany
The walimex pro swivel arm anti-twist safeguard was designed and made in Germany with the utmost level of precision. Continuous quality inspections ensure the very best quality and durability, even when used continuously in tough conditions.

General information

Material Aluminium
Product Color Black
Weight 60g


Made in Germany Yes


Girth 206mm
Height of Packaging 2mm
Length of Packaging 90mm
Weight incl. Packaging 59g
Width of Packaging 56mm
Holder typecits

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