walimex pro LED Sirius 160 Daylight Basic 2

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walimex pro Sirius 160 D-LED Basic 2

  • 2 x walimex pro Sirius 160 D- LED with two tripods as a set
  • LED Sirius 160 D-LED
  • high-quality LED light with > 6000 lumen
  • 160 LEDs with 0.4 W each
  • colour temperature 5600K ±200 K
  • colour rendering index > 85
  • continuously adjustable
  • ideal for video and filming, portrait and product photographs
  • diffuser screen with two barn doors
  • LED service life approx. 50,000 hours
  • illumination angle 120 degree
  • low weight
  • aluminium housing
  • walimex pro lamp tripod WT 803
  • max. extension length 200 cm
  • max. load bearing capacity approx. 2.5 kg

walimex pro Sirius 160 D-LED Basic
walimex pro Sirius 160 D-LED Basic with energy saving diodes for use in photography and videography. Thanks to a very high level of illuminance, a flexible intensity range and a robust metal housing, the walimex pro Sirius 160 D-LED Basic is perfect for on-location and studio work, whether photography or video. With approx. 50,000 hours, the service life of the LED is many times longer than fluorescent daylight solutions.

160 LEDs
The floodlight is equipped with 160 LEDs that produce 5600 Kelvin for a realistic daylight colour temperature. A very high illuminance of approx. 6000 lux can be achieved at a distance of one metre. The extremely broad angle of radiation of 120 degrees produces balanced, homogeneous illumination. All LEDs are carefully tested and selected to ensure the correct colour balance is produced for each lamp. The high CRI of over 85 allows exact colour rendering.

Metal barn doors
To control the light direction with precision and to flexibly react to different lighting situations, sturdy metal doors have been added to the lamp, making it possible to influence the light direction. The fixed diffuser screen provides soft and authentic daylight.

Assembly on the tripod
A normal-sized spigot connector allows the lamp to be fitted to any photo and video lamp tripod.

Power supply
The lamp is powered directly via the power supply unit provided.

LED Sirius 160 D-LED 
LED160 LED with 0.4 W each
Power in lumen> 6000 LM
Colour temperature5,600K±200 K
Colour rendering index CRI> 85
Illumination angle120 degrees
Operating voltage for device18 V
Mains power supplyAC 100-240 V
Power consumption65 W
LED service lifeapprox. 50,000 hours
Size (LxWxD) without bracketapprox. 25 cm x 35 cm x 7.5 cm
Weightapprox. 2 kg
Materialaluminium housing
WT 803 lamp tripod 
Max. heightapprox. 200cm
Min. heightapprox. 71cm
Transport lengthapprox. 71cm
Max. load bearing capacityapprox. 2.5kg
Weightapprox. 830g
Connection5/8 inch spigot with 1/4 and 3/8 inch thread
Materialaluminium, plastic (locks)
  • 2 x walimex pro Sirius 160 D-LED, power cable, fixing strip for powerpack
  • 2 x walimex pro lamp tripod WT 803, 200 cm
  • 1x walimex pro remote control for Sirius


Power Watt65
LED lights color temperature5500K-5600K white color
Product groupStudio Lighting
Light dimmingdimmable
LED light typerectangular
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