Yongnuo LED Light YN-160 III - WB (3200 K - 5500 K)

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The company in the third installment of the Yongnuo YN-160 flash decided to enter the building to its other products. The housing is slender, lets you use the battery to power the Sony NP-F series and 8V AC adapter. Additionally, the LED is used with a refractive Color rendering CRI 95+.

built-in diodes of two types (192szt) provide light with a color temperature of 3200 to 5500 Kelvin. Light output and color temperature can be adjusted continuously by means of a knob. The device is equipped with a switch for changing the brightness in steps of 10% or precisely 1%. Reflector is equipped with a control and battery power indicator.

lamp supplied a type adapter shoe so that it can be mounted directly on the camera or camcorder.

Color temperatureBi-color
Product groupStudio Lighting
Light dimmingdimmable
LED light typerectangular

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