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1x Linkstar Light Stand LS-806 114-260 cm

Linkstar Light Stand LS-806 114-260 cm

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The Linkstar LS-806 Light Stand is a universal, lightweight yet sturdy, light stand. The top of the LS-806 is equipped with a spigot, on which a studio flash unit can be mounted. The LS-806 is equipped with 2 adjustable sections, which are spring loaded. As well as being suitable for mounting lighting units, the LS-806 can also be used to create a background system or as a reflector holder. To view these compatible accessories, please see the optional accessories tab below.

PopularityRegular in stock
Amortization systemSpring damping
Height of Light Stands2 m and higher
Maximum load capacity, kg6
Tripod materialalumīnija
Collapsed length, cm98
Min height, cm109
Max height, cm260
Weight, gr1880

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