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Studijas gaismu 500/500/500/750 komplekts rent

500 500 500 750


4 jaudīgu zibspuldžu komplekts

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Nomas komplektā ietilpst:

  • 4 zibspuldzes;

  • statīvi,

  • Yongnuo RF605 vai RF603 palaidēji Canon vai Nikon kamerām un rezerves Pixel palaidēji.

  • strāvas kabeļi,

  • gaismas veidotāji pēc izvēles — lietussarga atstarotājs ar dubulto lietussargu, bowens softbokss 60x80cm vai 80x100cm, walimex saliekamais softbokss 90x90cm, teleskopiskais gaismas atstarotājs ar šūnām vai vārtiņiem, platleņķa gaismas veidotais atstarotājs).

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  • How to choose Lighting? Which Lighting is best for me?
  • Help to choose from bowens Lighting or from other brands.
  • bowens Lighting and Studijas gaismu 500/500/500/750 komplekts rent benefits, advantages or disadvantages.
  • Compare Studijas gaismu 500/500/500/750 komplekts rent against other Lighting.
  • We can offer Studijas gaismu 500/500/500/750 komplekts rent reviews.
  • Consultations on how to use Lighting correctly and to get the most of it.
  • Individual lessons on how to use Lighting.
  • We can help to configure, calibrate or install software on bowens Lighting.
  • We can prepare tender and project documents with Lighting.
  • Cleaning and damage prevention of bowens Lighting.
  • Suggestions on how to manage, maintain, clean and protect Your Lighting.
  • We offer bowens Lighting service and replacement parts for Studijas gaismu 500/500/500/750 komplekts rent.
  • We can plan a visit Lighting installation and using place, to help with suggestions.
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