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Close-up Macro Lens Set, 58mm, macro lenses with + 1, +2, +4 and +10 diopters Filtru komplekts makro fotogrāfijai
  • ideal for macro photography, e.g. of insects, flowers and coins
  • similar to the mode of action of a magnifier
  • all camera functions remain
  • macro lenses with +1, +2, +4 and +10 diopters
  • excellent optical characteristics
  • high-quality glass lens
  • precisely manufactured metal frame
  • top quality

Ideal for macro photography
The macro lens set by walimex is very well-suited for macro photography. Especially photographers of insects, flowers, and blossoms, but also numismatists will be happy with it. Like a filter, the macro lens is mounted on your lens, so all camera functions remain. The lenses function like a magnifier and correct the shooting distance. Of course lenses can also be combined.

Excellent workmanship
The close-up macro lens set has brilliant optical characteristics. The high-quality glass lenses are inserted in precisely manufactured metal frames. They are transported in a compact protective case, which fits into any camera bag and protects the lenses from dust, dirt, and scratches.

General information

Product Color Black
Diameter 58mm
Set Components 4 Macro lenses


Filter Diameter 58mm
Filter Material Glass
Ring Material Metal
Slim Setting No
Coating No
Dioptre Macro lenses with +1, +2, +4 and +10 dioptersdpt.


Girth 364mm
Height of Packaging 45mm
Length of Packaging 94mm
Weight incl. Packaging 137g
Width of Packaging 90mm

Macro - walimex Close-up Macro Lens Set 58 mm - buy today in store and with delivery

Macro - walimex Close-up Macro Lens Set 58 mm - buy today in store and with delivery

Product typeMacro
Macro accessorymakro lēcas
Filter size58mm
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