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MXL AC-404 USB-Powered Microphone Black

The AC-404 is designed to capture crystal clear speech intelligibility for Houses of Worship, web conferencing, court reporting, and more with easy plug-and-play USB connectivity. Three microphone capsules in a surface-mount boundary design delivers an amazing 180 degree pickup pattern with a 25' range making it ideal for podiums, conference rooms, courtrooms and connected classrooms. The low profile design is now available in white and black, and is designed to simply rest on any flat surface so it's both discrete and convenient for every day use.

  • Three capsules designed for broad 25' audio pickup in an 180° arc with high voice intelligibility
  • Easy plug-and-play connectivity for use with Mac and PC computers
  • 3.5mm analog output (for recordings and headphones)
  • Professional low profile design with durable all metal construction
  • Can be used for all streaming and conference systems for Zoom, OBS, Skype, vMix, Wirecast, Streamlabs, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.
Areas of application:
  • Small meeting rooms for 1 to 3 people
  • Desk for one person with limited space

Technical Specifications:

USB power mic
3 capsule boundary with 180-degree coverage
Frequency Response
40Hz - 16kHz
Sampling Rate
44.1kHz - 48kHz
USB compatibility
USB 1.1 and 2.0
109mm x 76 x 51mm / 4.3in. x 2.95in. x 2in.
A/D converter
16-bit Delta Sigma with THD+N - 0.01%
A/D converter
Metal and plastic
Delivery Content:
  • Microfone
  • USB-C to USB-Cable
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 

Microphones - MXL AC-404 USB-Powered Microphone - quick order from manufacturer

Microphones - MXL AC-404 USB-Powered Microphone - quick order from manufacturer

Microphones - MXL AC-404 USB-Powered Microphone - quick order from manufacturer

Microphones - MXL AC-404 USB-Powered Microphone - quick order from manufacturer

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