Fujifilm X-Pro3 body, titanium 16641105




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  • 26.1 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS IV sensor
  • "Hidden" 3-inch foldable LCD display
  • Hybrid optical & electronic viewfinder

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Enjoy taking pictures without distractions
The hidden LCD encourages a more traditional shooting style, asking photographers to concentrate on composing using the viewfinder. Of course, you can flip open the screen to check your images between shooting sessions, but in essence, the X-Pro3 wants you to trust your instincts as a photographer and shoot without the distraction of checking every image. The LCD screen helps you to adjust the settings and find what needs to be improved, ready for next time.

The LCD screen has an anti-reflective coating, a wide angle of view, and is able to display images with high contrast and natural colors, ideal for reviewing or composing images in bright daylight or low light.

Digitally representation of film based visual effects are something only allowed for iconic photographic equipment. The visual effects appeal to users’ emotions and inspire imagination. The use of Memory LCD means users can easily see the settings for Film Simulation, white balance, etc. regardless of whether the camera is turned off or on.

One of the best things about digital cameras is the EVF, it is the only way to see exactly how your settings will change the end result. However, we know that an OVF gives a primal sense of photographic pleasure, allowing users to enjoy “looking through the lens” at their subject. The EVF facilitates composing your image within the frame, while the OVF opens your creativity to what is going on outside the frame. The hybrid viewfinder allows you to switch between the two with a simple flick of the lever.
The rangefinder OVF allows you to explore the world outside the viewfinder frame. Allowing you to anticipate a chance moment arriving before you press the shutter.

Low light AF
The evolution of digital cameras is slowly eliminating the limits of low light shooting.  The X-Pro3's AF system operates down to -6EV, enabling shooting in situations that have been deemed "pitch darkness" until now.  The AF system has evolved to be able to auto-focus on not only what the eyes can see but also what your mind senses.

Masters of color for over 85 years
FUJIFILM has continued to study color since the production and development of photographic films in 1934. The technologies and experiences, accumulated over the years, have been injected into the Film Simulation modes. Each of the carefully chosen modes has a unique set of colors and tonality to create images that reflect how a photographer felt when taking the picture. The world of extended color expressions including CLASSIC CHROME, ACROS and ETERNA, is now joined by another new mode of Film Simulation.

Mirrorless cameras - Fujifilm X-Pro3 body, titanium 16641105 - quick order from manufacturer

Mirrorless cameras - Fujifilm X-Pro3 body, titanium 16641105 - quick order from manufacturer

Mirrorless cameras - Fujifilm X-Pro3 body, titanium 16641105 - quick order from manufacturer

Mirrorless cameras - Fujifilm X-Pro3 body, titanium 16641105 - quick order from manufacturer

Mirrorless cameras - Fujifilm X-Pro3 body, titanium 16641105 - quick order from manufacturer

Product typeMirrorless cameras
Camera setwith no lens (body)
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