Pixel Grey Variable Filter ND2-ND400 DHG 77 mm

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Pixel Filter DHG Grey Variable ND2-ND400 77 mm; Protective Caps; Full Colour Packaging

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The Pixel DHG Grey Variable ND2-ND400 Filter is a ND filter composed of 2 polarizing filters, which is screwed onto your camera lens. Differing from the standard ND2, ND4 and ND8 filters, the grey variable filter has an outer ring, which can be rotated to adjust the density of the filter to suit the lighting conditions and effect you wish to achieve. Due to this, a single grey variable ND filter can replace an entire series of standard grey ND filters, making it both, cost and time, efficient. The aperture can be delayed from 2 to 8 stops.


Pixel DHG Grey Variable ND2-ND400 Filter Specifications


The Pixel DHG ND grey variable filter is made up of high quality, optical glass and is coated with an imported Nitto Optical polarizing film. These features are thus, designed to eliminate reflection and increase colour saturation. Further, the combination of high quality glass and aviation aluminum provides more than adequate protection for your lens.

Filter typeND (gray)
Filter size77mm
Filter DensityVariable Filter

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