Printers and accessories - Kodak photo printer Mini 2 Plus Retro, black P210RB - quick order from manufacturer

  • Pocket-sized photo printer
  • Print & customize photos directly from your smart device
  • 5.4 × 8.6 cm photos
  • 4-Pass printing technology
  • Connects wirelessly to a smart device

Kodak photo printer Mini 2 Plus Retro, black P210RB

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A small print studio in your hand. Print anywhere and anytime using the smartphone application. Download the app and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. Add boarders, stickers and filters and print out directly from your camera roll in your smartphone.

What is Kodak 4Pass?

With Kodak 4pass you´ll get a superior image quality. Kodak 4 Pass is a dye diffusion thermal transfer technology (D2T2) that gives your pictures a high color gradation of 256 colors by printing each color (yellow, magenta and cyan) separate. It also ads a clearcoat lamination that protects the pictures from contaminations such as water stains, dust or fingerprints. The lamination coat helps to preserve the crystal-clear color quality for a long time.

  • Print 2,1”x3,4” (5,4x8,6 cm) photos instantly, directly from your smartphone via bluetooth
  • Will print color photos or B&W. Also offers different borders and filters for photo creativity through the app
  • 4-pass printing technology give you a superb quality in a fast and easy way.
  • Use together with Kodak Cartridge films 2,1x3,4”
  • Yellow, black & white
  • 1 cartridge (10 photos) is included in the box

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