walimex Translucent Light Umbrella white, 84cm

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National Geographic

New product

  • the quickest and inexpensivest way of obtaining soft light
  • quickly opened and ready for use
  • quickly mounted to the flash
  • ideal for on the go
  • doesn't require much storage space
  • umbrella rod: Ø 0.8cm

The walimex Translucent Light Umbrella white 84cm provides your motif with even and soft illumination. The flexible alternatives for use and storage make it an ideal companion on location . The translucent light umbrella is simply attached to the umbrella bracket of your studio flashgun.

General information

Product Color White


Diameter 840mm
Diameter Screen Pole 8mm


Diameter 840mm
Girth 285mm
Height of Packaging 30mm
Length of Packaging 650mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 182g
Width of Packaging 75mm
Umbrella typecaurspīdīgais
Umbrellas diametr84cm

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