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MagMod MagBox 24 Octa w. Fabric Diffuser MMBOX24OCT01





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The MagBox™, a radically awesome softbox that does what traditional softboxes can’t. Creating soft light with speedlights or strobes just got a bazillion times easier.


Magnets inside the base of the MagBox make attachment fast, silent and super strong. Even if you tilt your softbox at a deep angle or (for some reason) shoot inside a wind tunnel, the MagBox and the MagRing are staying put.


The MagBox is one solid piece. Pop it open with an easy, satisfying click. With magnets in the base, you can throw it onto your MagRing in a second. When you’re ready to remove the MagBox from the MagRing, simply press the Magnetic Field Disrupter (A.K.A. - the orange tab on top of the MagRing). Then fold up the MagBox; it collapses in one neat, portable piece and can be stored safely in the MagBox Case.


We created a whole new way to modify your light, and it’s called the FocusDiffuser. The FocusDiffuser acts like grid and a lens combined, allowing you to control light spill and increase the effective light output. Just want soft light? Use our Fabric Diffuser. Embedded magnets in both diffusers make attaching them to your MagBox fast and easy.


Forget taping flimsy gel sheets to the outside of your softbox. Our rigid gels snap right into a built-in gel holder. You don’t even have to remove your diffuser to change gels! Use the MagBox's handy side zipper to access gels.


The MagBox is the most versatile softbox ever, making it one super smart investment. Use the MagBox with 1 or 2 speedlights—any flash that has our patented MagGrip installed will work. Or use one of our adapters to mount your Profoto, Bowens, Elinchrom or Paul C. Buff strobe.


The calculated design of the MagBox 24 Octa distributes light evenly and without a hotspot on a single or multiple speedlites. Hence, the reason why this softbox is devoid of an internal baffle. It’s not necessary! The MagBox provides the cleanest light quality and highest effective output.


The MagBox, MagRing and MagShoe help you work smarter, better and faster so you can focus on doing your thing: creating awesome images and impressing your clients. So go ahead and try new techniques—even under busy shooting conditions. Changing your lighting on the fly has never been simpler.

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  • Konsultācijas, kā izvēlēties zibspuldzes aksesuāru. Kurš zibspuldzes aksesuārs ir labāks?
  • Palīdzība izvēlēties zibspuldzes aksesuāru no MagMod, vai no citiem ražotājiem.
  • MagMod MagBox 24 Octa w. Fabric Diffuser MMBOX24OCT01 zibspuldzes aksesuāra atsauksmes.
  • Paskaidrojumi par MagMod MagBox 24 Octa w. Fabric Diffuser MMBOX24OCT01 zibspuldzes aksesuāra priekšrocībām, plusiem un minusiem.
  • Salīdzinam MagMod MagBox 24 Octa w. Fabric Diffuser MMBOX24OCT01 ar citiem zibspuldžu aksesuāriem.
  • Projektu, tāmes un iepirkuma dokumentu sagatavošana, kur ir iekļauti zibspuldžu aksesuāri.
  • Pasūtot MagMod MagBox 24 Octa w. Fabric Diffuser MMBOX24OCT01 no MagMod ražotāja, tās piegādes laiks parasti ir 5 - 7 dienas.
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