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The ColorChecker Classic target is an array of 24 scientifically prepared natural, chromatic, primary and grayscale colored squares in a wide range of colors. Many of the squares represent natural objects, such as human skin, foliage and blue sky. Since they exemplify the color of their counterparts and reflect light the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum, the squares will match the colors of representative samples of natural objects under any illumination, and with any color reproduction process. Each solid patch is formulated individually to produce a pure, flat, rich color.

The ColorChecker Classic can be used for a variety of applications, including:

Digital Photography: Create camera profiles, check images, correct white balance and perform color correction
Film Photography: Check films, lights, filters and paper
Filmmaking: Use for color grading; check cameras and lights
Graphic Arts: Check any printing or proofing process
Other industry applications

ColorChecker Classic is an array of 24 natural object, chromatic, primary and gray scale colors, arranged in four rows.

Taking advantage of the Classic target is easy. Simply include ColorChecker Classic in your photo or video capture and then later, while editing, use it to compare, measure and analyze differences in color reproduction in any color rendition system.

The Classic can help you make global corrections based on accurate information. If you shoot a large number of images that all require the same color correction, you know that editing a few key photos and applying your changes can sometimes change colors you didn’t intend to be changed. A shot of the ColorChecker Classic captured under the same lighting as your images will provide a point of reference, so you can see exactly how changes will affect the rest of your colors before you apply them.

This objective standard will help you avoid costly mistakes and trial-and-error color adjustments while editing your images or color grading.

ColorChecker Passport Camera Calibration Software supports the Classic target. It includes both a desktop application and an Adobe® Lightroom® Plug-In for creating custom DNG profiles.

To manage your DNG camera profiles, download our DNG ProfileManager software. It provides a single list of all installed DNG profiles, including non-printing data such as file name, camera, light-source(s), and creation date.

ColorChecker Classic target is supported by these 3rd party software vendors:

Black Magic DaVinci Resolve for color grading in a video editing workflow Hasselblad Phocus for ICC camera profiling

Number of Colors: 24 natural object, chromatic, primary and gray scale colors

Description of Colors: White, black, 4 neutral grays, blue, green, red, yellow, magenta, cyan, orange, purplish blue, moderate red, purple, yellow green and orange yellow, dark skin, light skin, blue sky, foliage, blue flower and bluish green

Balansa kartes - X-Rite ColorChecker Classic Mini - perc šodien veikalā un ar piegādi

Balansa kartes - X-Rite ColorChecker Classic Mini - perc šodien veikalā un ar piegādi

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