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Filtra tipsUV (ultravioleto staru)
Filtra izmērs77mm

Oriģinālais preces apraksts no ražotāja (oriģinālā valodā)

Extremely low light reflectivity performance
Optical performance of Celeste has improved by 33% in comparison to Zeta series. It is achieved by applying the newly developed 18-layer anti-reflection “Super ZR coating”. Thanks to this coating technology light reflectivity level is less then Zeta UV - 0.2% against Zeta’s 0.3% (for Celeste C-PL: 0.3% against Zeta’s 0.6%).

Anti-Stain & Water Repellent Coating
Celeste filters adopt Anti-Stain Coating (ASC) that is layered on both sides of the glass for easier and more effective filter maintenance. Anti-Stain Coating is already being used in Kenko REALPRO series and got high valuation from photographers in all over the world.

Anti-Stain Coating allows a drop of water to maintain contact angle of over 100° and ensures long-time utilization compared to other brand filters coating that do not last long and come off in a quicker time.

Polarizing performance
Use the advantage of 1 more stop thanks to high transparency polarizing film, that transmits 25% more light than Zeta C-PL.

New sophisticated frame design
The new frame of the Celeste filter was developed after long and intensive research of other brand filter frames. As a result, the Celeste filter obtained several features that bring real advantages to the photographer.

  • The frame is slimmer than ZETA filter frame and the similar frames of other filter brands.
  • Celeste frame allows attaching lens caps safely.
  • Enlarged effective inner diameter due to improved retain ring prevents image from vignetting


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