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Colour temperature3000K
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Replacement or spare E27 205W modelling lamp for use with Bowens monolights on 230V power supplies.

Compatible products for this modelling lamp
Current Range:
• Gemini 200Rx• Gemini 400Rx• Gemini 500R• Gemini 500Pro• Gemini 750Pro

Discontinued Range:
• Gemini GM200• Gemini GM400• Gemini 250 Classic• Gemini 500 Classic 
• Esprit 125• Esprit 200• Esprit 250• Esprit 500• Esprit 750

Why does it look different?

The new ECO Halostar 205W modelling lamp has the same light output as the old 250W Halostar but has a lower power draw, making it more energy efficient.

*The BW1024 Halostar Modelling Lamp is the correct modelling lamp for all 230V Bowens monolights listed above.
These lamps have a clear glass finish, our tests have indicated this lamp has an equivalent output to 250W, the same as the old lamp with a frosted finish.
The BW1024/B Modelling Lamp for 117V markets only remains unchanged using the frosted finish and rated at 250W.

Where possible we suggest you minimize handling of modelling lamps especially when they are hot and switch off when not in use.

Lamp CRI .

Voltage 230V

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