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LED video gaisma ir piemērota video uzņemšanai ar DSLRs, HDSLRs un digitālajām kamerām. LED gaismas gandrīz neizdala siltumu, kas ir svarīgs nosacījums pārtikas produktu tuvplānu filmēšanā. Ir iespējams regulēt jaudu pakāpeniski. 

-profesionāls apgaismojums DSLRs, HDSLRs un digitālajām kamerām;
-oranžs filtrs un izkliedētājs;
-pakāpeniska gaismas jaudas regulēšana;
-šaura leņķa LED diodes gaismas centrā;
-var savienot līdz pat 9 paneļiem;

-var stiprināt uz kameras karstās pēdas turētāja;

-stabila krāsas temperatūra;
-gaismas atdeve: 480 Lux;
-darbības ilgums 50 000 h;
Komplektā ietilpst:


*oranžs filtrs

*karstās pēdas turētājs LED augšējā daļā

*Sony NP-FM55H akumulators, 1500 mAh

LED video gaisma 
Gaismas atdeve (2m attālumā)

480 Lux

260 Lux ar izkliedētāju

160 Lux ar oranžo filtru

Gaismas temperatūra


6300K ar izkliedētāju

3900K ar oranžo filtru

Strāvas padeveNP-FM55H baterija
Izmēri (GxPxA)15x10x4,5cm
Svars   (bez baterijas)280g
Baterija NP-FM55H 
izmērs (GxPxA)5,5x3,7x2cm
  • professional illuminating power for video DSLRs, HDSLRs and digital camcorders
  • orange filter and diffuser for clipping
  • intensity of light can be dimmed steplessly
  • narrow angle LEDs in the middle of the light
  • wide angle LEDs outside surrounding narrow angle LEDs
  • frameless reflection area
  • expansion up to 9 LED panels possible
  • flash holder for mounting to camera, tilt adjustment possible
  • stable color temperature
  • light output: 480 Lux
  • lifetime up to 50,000 hours
  • incl. diffuser, orange filter, connecting clamp and flash holder
  • incl. NP-FM55H/NP-QM51 Li-Ion Battery, 1400mAh

Ideal for video recordings
The LED Video Light Amaran by Aputure is optimal for video recordings with DSLRs, HDSLRs and digital camcorders. The LEDs are nearly heat-free, which predestines them for the macro and food fields. For videography, they are ideal as they are flicker-free. You can dim the light and thus adjust the light intensity steplessly. That way it can be used for all light situations without having to use more different lights. Due to the 16:9 widescreen design, the light gives a light characteristic in the movie format.

Combination of narrow angle and wide angle LEDs
In the LED light, wide angle LEDs are positioned around the narrow angle LEDs positioned in the center. The narrow angle LEDs achieve a higher and stronger light efficiency while the wide angle LEDs have a larger light angle.

Expandable to up to 9 LED panels
You can combine up to 9 LED panels to a large light. For this purpose, a connector is included with every LED. It creates a solid and secure connection between the individual panels. The entire LED of the light is frameless, an advantage which becomes particularly obvious when combining several LED panels: No black frames are visible in reflecting surfaces, which makes additional touch-up on the computer unnecessary. As the color temperature is stable, there are no color faults, when you combine several LED panels which again saves you time on post-processing.

Convenient and well-thought-out
The LED light is built extremely small and compact and therefore ideal for mobile use. Due to its small size, it can be used anywhere and fits into every camera bag. A display informs you of the charge state of the battery. Like this, it doesn’t happen anymore that your LED surprisingly runs out of energy in the middle of a shooting. The LED light can be powered both by a rechargeable battery and commercially available AA batteries. So if the energy runs out too early anyway, you can buy AA batteries anywhere and use them. The light is connected to the hot shoe of your camera with the help of a flash holder. A diffuser and an orange filter are included, with which you can achieve soft and even lighting or a very warm light mood. Both are clipped right onto the LED and are therefore securely connected. That way you cannot lose the filters and readjusting them is not necessary.

Attention: The specified light output and color temperature can only be achieved using the included rechargeable battery NP-FM55H. A charger to recharge this battery has to be purchased separately.

1x NP-FM55H NP-QM51 Akku f Sony1600mAh 7,4V 11,52Wh

General information

Product Type Battery
Product Color Black, White
Length 56mm
Height 21mm
Width 38mm
Weight 76g


Battery included in Scope of Supply 1 pcs


Capacity 1600mAh
Tension 7,4V
Energy Performance (Wh) 11,52Wh
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Weight Battery 76g
Compatible battery mount NP-F Mount


Girth 170mm
Height of Packaging 20mm
Length of Packaging 56mm
Weight incl. Packaging 75g
Width of Packaging 37mm


Girth 945mm
Height of Packaging 105mm
Length of Packaging 305mm
Weight incl. Packaging 625g
Width of Packaging 215mm
LED gaismas krāsas temperatūra5500K-5600K balta krāsa
Apgaismojuma intensitātes maiņamaināma
LED gaismas veidsLED pie kameras

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