Lampas izmērs25.4 cm
LED gaismas krāsas temperatūraBi-color
Preču grupaStudijas apgaismojums
Apgaismojuma intensitātes maiņamaināma

Oriģinālais preces apraksts no ražotāja (oriģinālā valodā)

The modern Selfie Stick with a round LED lamp is the ideal solution to bring the colors around you to life when shooting movies/streams, capturing a sensational shot or creating makeup. It has 12 light levels and 3 temperature hues. The whole structure is movable, so you can choose a frame with the right light falling.

The temperature of the color will allow you to adjust the right light shot. Selfie Stick BlitzWolf has as many as 12 types of brightness and 3 color temperatures, thanks to which you will get many interesting combinations. Carefully selected shades from the category of cold, warm and natural in a good tone will show everything you dream of. You can freely combine and select each level through an uncomplicated control panel for a brilliant effect.

Selfie Stick BlitzWolf is a great convenience thanks to Bluetooth. Now you can remotely control the unique tripod from anywhere. Simply insert your smartphone into the tripod holder and then place it in the right place for you. A miniature remote control with buttons allows you to activate the camera. Make sure your device is compatible as selfie stick only supports IOS, Android Mobile Phones and 360 Cameras.

The design of the whole device is carefully thought out. The tripod extends to a height of up to 1.6 meters and has 3 different levels, so you can quickly adjust the desired length. The round LED lamp rotates in every possible direction, around its own axis. Perfectly designed to provide the best possible experience during use.

The self-stick tripod has a flexible, soft grip with a pull-out clip to make positioning your phone easy and fast. It fits smartphones from 3.5 - 6 inches, and the selfie stick-on stand extends from 55 to 85mm. The material of which the whole tripod is made of is aluminum alloy with a stylish matte graphite color. The LED lighting is connected to the tripod by means of a decent thread with a size ¼ of the universal screw. The device is powered by a USB charger.

From now on, you don't have to worry about the fact that a stronger wind in the open air will spoil your plans for sessions or the frequent moving of parts. The modern tripod is extremely stable. In addition, it can be easily folded and becomes very convenient to carry.











Lamp size




Tone of color


Tripod length

59 x 160cm

Lampas izmērs25.4 cm
LED gaismas krāsas temperatūraBi-color
Preču grupaStudijas apgaismojums
Apgaismojuma intensitātes maiņamaināma

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