walimex Pop-Up Light Cube 40x40x40cm BLACK 16631

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walimex Pop-Up Light Cube 40x40x40cm BLACK
  • ideal for the product photography of shining and reflecting objects, e.g. stainless steel, glass or jewellery
  • optimal for pictures, which should be cropped
  • suitable for digital and analogue photography
  • shadow-free and smooth lightings
  • with convenient pop-up technique
  • diffuse light slots at the sides and on the top
  • covers with lens opening in black and white as well as background cloths in black and white
  • incl. convenient carrying bag
  • …better sales through better pictures!

Professional equipment is especially well spent for product photography. Someone, who wishes to get better sales on e.g. online auctions or someone, who hopes to receive higher-grade results for catalogues and brochures, will find the right partner in a light cube. The rectangular assistant with its soft and pleasant light does not only provide shadow-free lightings, but also a facilitation in the following reworking, namely the cropping.

The little „Black Box“ is equipped with two background cloths as well as covers with slots for your lens in black and white. Therewith you can take pictures from your products according to your requirements, either through the front opening or from above through the convenient camera opening. In contrast to the white light cubes, the black Light Cube is particularly suitable for photographing shining, reflective and bright objects, such as glass, chrom, stainless steel and so on!

Dimensions Cube (LxWxH)approx. 40x40x40cm
Dimensions Background Cloths (LxW)each approx. 81x41cm
Colours Background Clothsblack, white
Dimensions Covers (LxW)each approx. 44x43cm
Colours Coversblack, white
Total Weightapprox. 500g
Materialsynthetic fiber
  • 1x walimex Pop-Up Light Cube 40x40x40cm BLACK, incl. two background cloths (black, white) and two covers with camera opening (black, white) and convenient carrying bag


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