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REALPRO series is designed according to highest Kenko quality control standards and experience in producing photographic filters. REALPRO series aims to meet professional and amateur photographer demands that are becoming more varying and specific.

The filter that stays clear for along time.
The one important feature of REALPRO series is Anti-Stain Coating (ASC) that represents new generation of Kenko coating technology.Thanks to a new formula of coating material the surface of REALPRO filter will make moisture and water drops to bead up and slip down leaving filter clean. Thus, you will not need to clean filter for a long time and maintenance will become incredibly easier and safer. Due to smooth filter surface dust and smudges can be wiped more easier because they do not stick on to the glass so strongly. Time you spend for after-care routine will be considerably shortened and cleaning process will not bother you any more. This feature is highly valued by extremely photographers who are shooting outdoors in various weather conditions.

Protect your image from UV light
REALPRO UV is multi-purpose fine-weather filter that blocks UV light – the reason of unclear and hazy photo in shiny day. REALPRO UV filter adopts UV-CUT glass that blocks unwanted UV spectrum before light comes out from the filter. This type of glass has a slight yellow tint, there is no any negative effect on the image. REALPRO UV filter is universal filter, because it also serves as a permanent lens protector.

• NEW Anti Stain Coating repels dust

• High Light Transmission of 99%

• Stain resistant - Protects against exposure to ink, markers etc.

• Water repellent – Water beads up and wipes away easily

• Fingerprints and smudges wipe away cleanly

• Filters unwanted UV light before it reaches the sensor

• Kenko’s Professional-grade optical glass

• Kenko exclusive one-piece, low-profile filter frame with front filter threads


Ražotaja numurs 225278

Objektīvu filtri - KENKO FILTER REAL PRO UV 52MM - perc šodien veikalā un ar piegādi

Objektīvu filtri - KENKO FILTER REAL PRO UV 52MM - perc šodien veikalā un ar piegādi

Preces ar atlaidi (%)Neliela atlaide (līdz 10%)
Preces veidsObjektīvu filtri
Filtra tipsUV (ultravioleto staru)
Filtra diametrs52mm
Atlaides apjoms (€)līdz 5 €
  • Konsultācijas, kā izvēlēties objektīva filtru. Kurš objektīva filtrs ir labāks?
  • Palīdzība izvēlēties objektīva filtru no KENKO, vai no citiem ražotājiem.
  • KENKO FILTER REAL PRO UV 52MM objektīva filtra atsauksmes.
  • Paskaidrojumi par KENKO FILTER REAL PRO UV 52MM objektīva filtra priekšrocībām, plusiem un minusiem.
  • Salīdzinam KENKO FILTER REAL PRO UV 52MM ar citiem objektīvu filtriem.
  • Projektu, tāmes un iepirkuma dokumentu sagatavošana, kur ir iekļauti objektīvu filtri.
  • KENKO objektīva filtra profilakse un tīrīšana.
  • Ieteikumi, kā apkalpot, tīrīt un aizsargāt objektīva filtru.
  • Pasūtot KENKO FILTER REAL PRO UV 52MM no KENKO ražotāja, tās piegādes laiks parasti ir 5 - 6 dienas.
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