walimex Spherical Diffuser, 30cm w. univ. connect. 17363

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Gaismas veidotājssfēriskais
Adaptera saderībauniversāls

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walimex Spherical Diffuser, 30cm w. univ. connect.
  • creates a diffuse, very soft and large-scale illumination
  • perfectly suited for portrait photography
  • easy to handle
  • sphere diameter: approx. 30cm
  • with universal adapter system: compatible with most established flash heads (e.g., walimex, Aurora/Bowens, Hensel, Multiblitz, Elinchrom, Broncolor, Balcar, Profoto)
  • attention: please order the matching softbox adapter (you can find them listed in the accessories)
  • max. usable with 150W modeling lamp
  • not uasble for Quarz Light and flash with more than 600Ws

Soft light and even illumination of rooms are particularly important for indoor shoots and in portrait photography. A spherical diffuser is ideal for these purposes because it softens the light and illuminates rooms evenly and extensively. The spherical diffuser possesses a universal adapter system which is compatible with the established studio flash systems. With a diameter of 30cm and a weight of 665g the sphere is easy to handle and quickly ready for use.

If you use several flash systems or want to switch to a different system, no problem: simply switch out the adapter and you can keep using the spherical diffuser. Naturally, you can find the suitable adapter in our shop.

Diameterapprox. 30cm
Gewichtapprox. 665g
  • 1x walimex Spherical Diffuser, 30cm with universal connection

Effect with Spherical Diffuser


Effect with Standard reflector

Gaismas veidotājssfēriskais
Adaptera saderībauniversāls

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