Boya Audio Adapter BY AM1

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1x BY-AM1 audio adapter; 1x Usb-a to usb-b cable (2 meters); 1x 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm adapter (TRRS); 1x Warranty certificate; 1x User manual; 1x Packing

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The BY-AM1 by Boya is a two-channel audio mixer. You can use the BY-AM1 for dynamic and condenser microphones, electric instruments and other line/mic signals. Boya has developed the BY-AM1 in a metal housing, with the front panel made of plastic. No battery is required; power is supplied via the usb port. Exclusively through this sales channel, you will receive a three-year warranty on the BY-AM1, after registration via the warranty card in the packaging.

The BY-AM1 connectors

The front panel

On the front of the BY-AM1 is a phantom power button. When pressed, the two XLR/6.35 mm ports on the left side receive 48v phantom power. Also located on the front are two rotary knobs, which allow you to individually control the audio level of the two XLR ports, which is passed through the usb port to your computer. Below these rotary knobs are buttons that allow you to switch between a line (microphone) and instrument signal. On the front there is also a 6.35 mm output for headphones. For this we recommend the BY-HP2 headphones, which can be found in the optional accessories. To connect the BY-HP2, use the 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm adapter which is included with the BY-AM1. Listening is done without any delay. The volume of the headphones can be adjusted with the small rotary knob located above this connection. You can also turn the audio signal on and off completely with the sliding switch on the front of the BY-AM1. With the large rotary knob on the front, you can adjust the volume of the sound from the speakers, which are connected to the 6.35 mm jack on the back of the BY-AM1.

The rear side

On the back of the BY-AM1 is a USB-B port, which you connect to the USB-A port of your computer using the supplied cable. This allows you to process all incoming audio live in your favorite audio software (for example Audition, Logic or Audacity). There's no need to download a driver; the BY-AM1 is automatically recognized by your computer (Windows or macOS). There are also two 6.35 mm line outputs on the back, for connecting to speakers in your studio. You can listen in live, without any delay.

The left side

On the left side of the BY-AM1 are two combined XLR and 6.35 mm inputs, to which you can connect a microphone or instrument.

BY-AM1 application

When you want to process recordings with two sound sources (such as microphones and instruments), the BY-AM1 is a versatile and reliable accessory. In addition to connecting XLR/6.35mm to your computer via usb, the BY-AM1 offers 48v phantom power and the option to listen in live via speakers in your studio and headphones. Ideal for recording a podcast or capturing vocals and guitar playing, for example.

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