walimex Flexiarm with 1/4 inch Gooseneck w. Clamp Holder and Studio Clip 1/

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  • Gooseneck with 1/4 inch thread
    • convenient help for the „levitating“ mount of compact flashes, cameras, reflectors and much more
    • length of the gooseneck: approx. 53cm
    • sturdy clip with a clamping range of approx. 5cm and a width of approx. 8cm
  • Screw Clamp with spigot mounting
    • sturdy Clamp with a clamping range of approx. 3,5cm
    • with spigot mounting for 1/4 and 3/8 inch spigots
    • ideal for fastening e.g. styrofoam forks, gooseneck and other studio helpers with spigot

From experience for experience: The harmonious and smart duo from walimex, consisting of Gooseneck and Screw Clamp! In this set the both items reach their complete functionality.

With the Gooseneck from walimex we provide a smart solution for mounting reflectors, compact flashes and Co. Just attach the clamp on a base up to max. 5cm and you already have the adequate basis for your photographic work. At the Gooseneck, which is approx. 53cm long, equipped with a 1/4 inch spigot and very flexible, you can then mount your required utensils.

The Screw Clamp realises the use the other way round. Therewith, the requirements for uncomplicated TableTop photography are given.

1x walimex Schraubklemme mit Spigotaufnahme

General information

Material Metal, rubber
Product Color Black
Length 65mm
Width 40mm
Height 150mm
Weight 220g


Receiving Opening Approx. 3,5cm
Connection 5/8 inch spigot


Girth 437mm
Height of Packaging 79mm
Length of Packaging 125mm
Weight incl. Packaging 259g
Width of Packaging 100mm

1x walimex Schwanenhals mit 1/4 Zoll Gewinde und Clip

General information

Material Metal, rubber
Product Color Black
Length 620mm
Width 80mm
Weight 590g


Receiving Opening Approx. 5cm
Connection 1/4 inch spigot


Girth 857mm
Height of Packaging 100mm
Length of Packaging 223mm
Weight incl. Packaging 699g
Width of Packaging 217mm


Girth 1355mm
Height of Packaging 150mm
Length of Packaging 445mm
Weight incl. Packaging 958g
Width of Packaging 305mm

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