Jauns WALIMEX PRO UV-FILTER 82mm SUPER DMC Skatīt lielāku






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  • UV-Filter to screw on lenses with 82 mm filter thread
  • 99% light transmission, no loss of f-stops
  • Enhances the clarity of colors, reduces haze in landscape and long distance photography
  • Protects the lens from external influences such as touch, water, oil or impact
  • 16x multilayer coating (DMC) plus 2 nano-coatings for clear vision
  • High quality filter made of optical glass
  • Precisely manufactured, only approx. 2.5 mm high metal frame
  • Optimized for wide-angle lenses: no vignetting thanks to flat filter construction

Protection against UV light and soiling
UV filters are effect filters that effectively block ultraviolet light (a natural component of sunlight) and thus contribute to a better image result. Especially when photographing outdoors, the colours are reproduced more vividly and clearly. Images taken at a distance, such as those often taken in the mountains, do not get lost in haze as much as without UV filters. In addition, UV filters reliably protect your lens from dust, splash water and scratches on the front lens. The UV filter can remain on your lens all year round and is easy to clean.

Excellent quality and manufacturing
This UV filter offers excellent optical properties. The high-quality, polished filter glass is 16x multi-coated (DMC - especially for digital cameras). This does not reduce the performance of your lenses when used: 99% of the incident light continues to reach the lens. With a height of only approx. 2.5 mm, the filter is particularly thin, light and compact. The glass sits in a precisely manufactured metal frame. The knurled mount makes the filter especially handy and easy to twist off. The supplied protective case protects it from damage during transport.

Nano-Coating for better photos
Two layers of nano-coating ensure a clear view: Dust can hardly find a hold to settle on the filter, and water and oil simply run off. In contrast to unsealed glass, drops do not spread on the glass of the filter like on a windscreen and have to be wiped off, but remain hemispherical and run off by themselves.

Suitable for lenses from various manufacturers
The universal thread of the filter fits on the filter threads of lenses from different manufacturers like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Samsung as well as of course Samyang and Walimex pro!

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