PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit





3-axis stabiliser for mirrorless and DSLR cameras with direct view to camera display

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Introducing the new 3-axis gimbal stabilizer from PILOTFLY Germany, the PFY MAVERICK series. This newly designed gimbal is packed with new features that will open up new creative ways of shooting. The new product line “PFY” created by Pilotfly Germany, is releasing all new gear to capture your creativity on and off set.

Whereas the standard MAVERICK comes with a focus wheel, control cables, a power adapter, and other accessories, the Essentials Kit includes the gimbal and the key accessories required to go out and begin shooting. There's a difference of only several accessories, accompanied by a substantially more affordable cost, and you can always add a focus wheel or other accessory at a later point.

We always strive to create revolutionary 3-axis Gimbal systems that stand out like our Pilotfly H2-45, which allows a direct view to your cameras display, or our Adventurer which has a higher payload than most single handled gimbals on the market.

The PFY Maverick is packed with new technology and functions to help you create amazing footage with ease. With a 20% larger OLED display on the rear of the handle you are able to clearly view active mode, battery percentage, camera mode, and navigate through the menu faster with ease. Changing the speed of the follow mode or parameters of your joystick are now made on the fly without connecting to a computer or app.

The new ergonomic rocker control allows for easy Zoom In/Out functions on motorized lenses, and start recording with a single touch with the added Start/Stop record button.

The PFY Maverick offers a removable battery which has a runtime of up to 12 hours and can be attached to additional accessories for longer runtime.

The CNC machined alloy gimbal heads have been optimized to bring durability and stability to the PFY Maverick, which reduces the overall weight to under 1kg (including battery). These newly developed motors offer 40% more payload capacity than our prior gimbals.

Motion accuracy has been increased even further with 12Bit Digital Position Encoders on each axis over a full motion range of 360degree without limitation.

The new PFY Follow Focus system makes this the total package. It is the smallest system currently on the market. And apart from pulling focus you can also remotely control the camera and start/stop recording, Zoom IN/OUT or take picture and much more…

Wondering how you’ll carry all your new PFY gear? We got you covered! We designed an ergonomic and water repellent backpack perfect for fitting all your gear. The new PFY backpack fits the new Maverick, follow focus, cables, chargers, batteries, and even has space for your camera. So what are you waiting for? Become part of the PFY team today!

In Package:

  • 1 x Maverick Gimbal
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Mini-Tripod
  • 1 x Adapterplate
  • 1 x Camera Control Cable (Sony, Canon, Panasonic)
  • 1 x Back Pack (water-repellent)
  • 1 x Quick Guide

Video stabilizatori - PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

Video stabilizatori - PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

Video stabilizatori - PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

StabilizatoriAktīvie stabilizatori
  • Konsultācijas, kā izvēlēties stabilizatoru. Kurš stabilizators ir labāks?
  • Palīdzība izvēlēties stabilizatoru no PilotFly, vai no citiem ražotājiem.
  • PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit stabilizatora atsauksmes.
  • Paskaidrojumi par PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit stabilizatora priekšrocībām, plusiem un minusiem.
  • Salīdzinam PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit ar citiem stabilizatoriem.
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  • Individuālas apmācības, kā lietot stabilizatoru.
  • PilotFly stabilizatora sagatavošana darbam - konfigurācija, kalibrācija, programmatūras uzstāsīšana vai atjaunināšana.
  • Projektu, tāmes un iepirkuma dokumentu sagatavošana, kur ir iekļauti stabilizatori.
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  • Nodrošinam PilotFly stabilizatora remontu un piegādājam rezerves daļas priekš PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit.
  • Pasūtot PilotFly MAVERICK - 3-Axis GIMBAL Essential Kit no PilotFly ražotāja, tās piegādes laiks parasti ir 6 - 9 dienas.
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