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Canon EOS C70 Body

The EOS C70 is a new generation RF Mount Cinema EOS System camera featuring Canon’s 4K Super 35mm DGO sensor. With 4K 120P Slow Motion, High Dynamic Range and Dual Pixel CMOS AF in a compact body, it takes the RF System into a brand-new era.

  • 4K/120fps Super 35mm CMOS sensor with low noise
  • Dual Gain Output 16+ stops of dynamic range
  • RF Bajonett Enhanced imaging system platform
  • 4K (4:2:2 10 Bit) Up to 410Mbps internal recording, supporting ALL-I and Long GOP formats
  • MP4 (4:2:2 10 Bit) Up to 225Mbps internal recording, supporting Long GOP format and HVEC
  • Dual SD Card Slots Pre-Rec. / Simultaneous Rec. / Relay Rec. / Mixed Codec Recording

Light and compact
The EOS C70 features a new design, including a multi-function grip with 3 customisable dials and multi-directional joystick. The compact design also enables it to be comfortably rigged to drones, gimbals, hand-held or shoulder rigs, as well as FPV helmets and vehicles.

Integrated ND filter
The EOS C70 features a newly developed ultra-thin ND filter unit which is optimised for the shorter flange back of the RF mount.
This electronically controlled ND filter system, supports 2/4/6 and an extended 8/10 stops, making it possible to create an image with shallow depth of field, in bright shooting conditions.

Sensor with the best image quality
The 4K Super 35mm DGO sensor in the EOS C70 includes our innovative Dual Gain Output technology, first introduced in the C300 Mk III, and delivers exceptionally clean low light image quality as well as over 16 stops of dynamic range.

Slow motion in maximum format
The EOS C70 supports slow motion capture with 4K 120p recording, with Dual Pixel CMOS AF support, as well as audio recording. For even higher frame rates, 2K 180fps is also available in Super16 mode.

Auto focus on the next level
With the RF mount at the heart of the EOS C70 providing the perfect balance of optical, mechanical and electronic engineering, filmmakers can now benefit from the unrivalled optical designs, faster autofocus and communication between camera and lens afforded by the RF technology. With this revolutionary RF data communication system, the existing DPAF technology is pushed to the next level.

Fast face recognition
Working together with Canon Face Detection technology, Dual Pixel CMOS AF is excellent at automatically recognising a face, tracking focus and following while it moves.

The EOS C70 is packed with features such as Auto ISO, Vertical shooting, Direct Touch Control and electronic Image Stabiliser. Take your creativity and filmmaking into the next era.

Optional bayonet adapter
The MOUNT ADAPTER EF-EOS R 0.71x is an EF to RF Mount Lens Adapter that maintains the original angle of view of a full frame EF lens when used on the EOS C70. It also increases the light transmission, to offer a one-stop brighter image.

Delivery Content:
  • Camera cover
  • Tape measure hook
  • Camera grip
  • Stopper
  • Microphone holder
  • Accessory shoe adapter plate 
  • Accessory shoe adapter button
  • Screws for the microphone holder (M4)
  • Carrying handle
  • Allen screw (1/4 inch)
  • Shoulder strap SS-1200
  • Canon compact power adapter CA-CP200 L
  • AC power cord (EU)
  • Battery charger CG-A20 OTH
  • Battery BP-A30 JP OTH
  • Printed information
  • Packaging
  • (without lens shown)

Videokameras - Canon EOS C70 Body - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

Videokameras - Canon EOS C70 Body - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

Videokameras - Canon EOS C70 Body - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

Videokameras - Canon EOS C70 Body - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

Videokameras - Canon EOS C70 Body - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

Videokameras - Canon EOS C70 Body - ātri pasūtīt no ražotāja

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