walimex Pop-Up Camouflage Tent

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walimex Pop-Up Camouflage Tent
  • camouflage hideout for professional demands
  • for nature photographers and filmers, animal observers, etc.
  • can be used flexibly in forest, grassland and so on
  • through pop-up technique quickly mounted and demounted
  • two concealable side windows with fly screens
  • spacious interior
  • lightweight and water-repellent
  • incl. convenient carrying bag

Dear nature photographers, animal filmers and ornithologists! Are you dreaming of more professionalism and accuracy in your nature pictures? Are you dreaming of a picture from the extreme shy bird? Or are you dreaming of observing and filming your favorite wild animals unhurriedly without being seen? Then this Camouflage Tent is the ideal solution for you and your hobby!
Our Camouflage Tent is characterized through its very sturdy workmanship and high quality. You will get the Tent folded in a camouflage/black carrying bag. Once opened, the stretcher frame will be unfolded nearly without your active help. You surely know this technique from our foldable reflectors and light cubes. Annoying tent poles are not needed anymore. You can enter the approx. 140cm high Tent through a “door”, which can be opened and closed through a zipper. The interior has enough space to accommodate you and your equipment for the time of your stay very securely and weatherproof.
A further highlight is the “entrance door”, on which a long zipper is hidden behind a visual protection. When opening this zipper cleverly, you will get the required space to inserting a lens and tripod leg. The very convenient double zippers will certainly be without sign of wears after repeated use. Furthermore, the Tent has two approx. 41x27cm side windows, which are provided with fly screens as to protect against bothersome flies and to ensure a good camouflage. The necessary light for adjusting your camera or spotting scope is therewith no problem. Four tent pegs are also included in delivery, which, attached to the lugs and fixed into the ground, provide the necessary stability and security against wind.
For achieving even more comfort, we also have a backpack chair in our assortment. It would be the best, if you order it immediately as to complete your “wildlife set”.

Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 110x110x140cm
Total Weight approx. 1700g
Packing dimensionsapprox. 54cm Ø
Materialpolyester (tent cloth, carrying bag)
  • 1x Camouflage Tent with 4 convenient carrying bag




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