Walimex pro Adhesive Paste Value Pack 300g

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  • modeling and adhesive paste for various uses in the studio
  • for holding and stabilizing smaller objects when arranging
  • reusable – easily removable
  • does not leave residue
  • non-greasy

The walimex Adhesive Paste is one of the essential helpers of the photographer. It is used just like regular modeling material, but it adheres much better, can be removed without residue and is reusable for a long time. With it, objects can easily be fixed for shots, just how you picture it. This is particularly convenient for round objects that could roll away and for fixing things in decorative structures – as you can see there are plenty of uses.

General information

Product Color White


Girth 378mm
Height of Packaging 14mm
Length of Packaging 150mm
Weight incl. Packaging 314g
Width of Packaging 100mm
Вид аксессуаралипкая лента

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