walimex Flash Mounts, 6 pcs. SonyF32X/Canon430EX

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walimex Flash Mounts, 6 pcs. SonyF32X/Canon430EX
  • Extensive complete set for different range of applications
  • Flash Device Adapter for connecting Sony and Canon flashes
  • Spherical Diffuser for soft, diffuse light in portrait photography
  • Barndoors prevent reflections and stray light on the lens, furthermore they help to achieve a better light distribution
  • Softbox for even and soft light
  • indispensable for portrait and product photography
  • Beauty Dish provides a soft, homogeneous, round lighting of the eyes in portrait and beauty photography
  • Spot Mounting creates a narrow light cone for highlights
  • 2 different Honeycombs assure harder light for more brilliance

With this set you are ideally equipped for on the go, but also in your studio the mountings can be exchanged within seconds.
The Adapter as connecting piece to your Sony and Canon flash provides the perfect fitting accuracy.
All mountings are very handy and therefore easy to use and quick to adjust.
The Spherical Diffuser provides even light and beautiful reflections in the eyes even in the small format.
The Barndoors help you to limit the light of your studio flash on the motif or background so, that it only appears where you need it. This exclusive light former is especially suitable for product photography, in which smaller objects should be illuminated. The Barndoors are foldable in a 180° angle using hinges. The surface is black coated against reflections.
Whether portrait or product photography, whenever it is a matter of the most possible glare-proof illumination, the softbox is the right light former. An easy removeable front diffuser is certainly included.
The mini Beauty Dish is a highlight for portrait and beauty photography. It creates a round, natural lighting of the eyes. It closes the gap of the hardness of the light between the softbox and a standard reflector. Small but powerful, a suitable slogan for this item!
The Spot Mounting is a very good assistant for product photography, but also as effect light for portrait photography. It bundles your light in a manner, that you can partially illuminate fractions of your motif. The proper small Honeycomb also provides a straight-line directed lighting.
The bigger Honeycomb create a straight-line directed light and help you to achieve an accentuated lighting of details, which are small but nevertheless important.

Flash Device Adapter Dimensionsapprox. 12cm Ø (outer) / approx. 6,3x4,2cm (inner)
Flash Device Adapter Weightapprox. 110g
Spherical Diffuser Dimensions / Weightapprox. 14cm Ø / 105g
Barndoors Dimensions (LxW) / Weight approx. 22,5x22,5cm / 60g
Softbox Dimensions (LxW) / Weight approx. 30x20x18cm / 55g
Beauty Dish Dimensions / Weightapprox. 18cm Ø / 125g
Spot Mounting Dimensions (LxW) / Weight approx. 15x9,5cm - 10cm Ø / 75g
Honeycomb Dimensions / Weight approx. 11,5cm Ø / 40g
Material (Flash Device Adapter, Spherical Diffuser, Softbox, Beauty Dish, Honeycomb)Plastic
Material (Barndoors, Spot Mounting)Metal
  • 1x Flash Device Adapter
  • 1x Spherical Diffuser
  • 1x Barndoors
  • 1x Softbox
  • 1x Beauty Dish
  • 1x Spot Mounting
  • 1x Honeycomb
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