walimex Flash Light Diffuser/Bouncer Canon 430EXII

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  • ensures  a better photo quality when photographing with flash
  • produces even, soft light
  • prevents the red eye effect
  • reduces hard shadows and unintentional light reflections
  • easy handling

Compact softbox bouncer with a great effect
The convenient flash diffuser creates a soft and consistent distribution of the flashlight which results in a natural illumination of your photographs. At the same time unintentional hard shadows and light reflections are reduced, and the red eye effect is prevented. Due to the precisely fitting shape of the diffuser, it can be attached particularly quickly and easily.

General information

Width 47mm
Weight 15g
Length 68mm
Material Synthetic material
Product Color White


Suitable for Canon 430EXII


Girth 358mm
Height of Packaging 50mm
Length of Packaging 165mm
Weight incl. Packaging 41g
Width of Packaging 104mm
Аксессуары для вспышекizkliedētāji

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