sonstige NP-F960 Li-Ion Battery for Sony, 6600mAh

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  • compatible with camcorders by Sony (see compatibility list in Technical specifications)
  • lithium-ion battery
  • high capacity: 7.2-7.4 V / 6600 mAh / 48,8 Wh
  • exact workmanship
  • long lifetime
  • reliable charge capacity
  • low self-discharge
  • no memory effect
  • replaces the following original batteries: Sony NP-F 960, NP-F 970

In the development of this battery, cell optimization, power output, and longevity of the battery were key components.

It is fully compatible with the original battery and can be charged with the original charger without problems.

The battery is equal to the original battery in quality, workmanship and output. Consistent quality checks guarantee the high standard of this battery.

General information

Product Type Battery
Product Color Black
Length 71mm
Height 60mm
Width 38mm
Weight 300g


Battery included in Scope of Supply 1 pcs


Capacity 6600mAh
Tension 7,4V
Energy Performance (Wh) 48,8Wh
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Weight Battery 284g
Battery incl. Chip Control Yes
Compatible battery mount NP-F Mount


Girth 275mm
Height of Packaging 37mm
Length of Packaging 116mm
Weight incl. Packaging 301g
Width of Packaging 67mm
Тип батареекАккумулятор для камеры
Подходит для батареекSony NP-F960

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