Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30





1x Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30; 1x Bag;2x Objective caps; 1x Rain cover;1x Padded
shoulder strap;1x Manual


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A traditional porro-prism design and a low power magnification (6x or 8x) are the perfect combination, producing an extremely wide field of view. This feature allows the user to observe comfortably for long periods of time and quickly locate subjects.

The YF II Series are 100% waterproof and feature a tough and tactile rubber armored shell. All optical components in the YF II Series are manufactured from high quality Japanese eco-glass and all surfaces are fully multi-coated.

The coatings ensure that light transmission, color rendition, brightness and contrast are always performing at a maximum. The binoculars produce clear and vivid images with natural colour and contrast.

Lenses features Kowa patented KR coating that easily repels dirt and fingerprints.

The YF II series are particularly easy to use and are perfect for the young or old or whether you wear glasses or not.

The ideal choice for nature, astronomy, hiking, festivals and many outdoor activities.

Key specifications

  • Waterproof and dry nitrogen filled
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • KR protective coating
  • Easy to use and superb value

Whats in the box:

High quality case, padded shoulder strap, rain guard (caps) and lens cap.

The Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30 is a pair of binoculars that gives you a great viewing experience. Do you want to observe from a distance in stadiums, go on safari or do you want to watch in bad weather? With the Kowa YFII 8x30 it doesn't matter what you want to observe, or in which circumstances! The binoculars are fully waterproof, multi-coated and have a field of vision of up to 131m (at 1000m). The YFII series represents the perfect balance between retro design and modern functionality.

The Kowa YFII 8x30 binoculars are binoculars from Kowa's YFII series. The lenses are made of high quality eco-glass and are fully multicoated. This ensures that light transmission, colour definition, brightness and contrast are always at their best. The lenses are also equipped with the Kowa Repelling (KR) lens coatings and the porro binoculars are 100% waterproof.


The Kowa Repelling technology prevents grease, liquid and dirt from accumulating on the surface, making cleaning much easier. This KR technology also reduces the risk of scratching the fragile lens surfaces by reducing the pressure required to remove dirt. Because the Kowa YFII 8x30 is fully filled with nitrogen gas, this porro binoculars can handle all temperature fluctuations without fogging up the lenses on the inside.


Focussing the Kowa YFII 8x30 is very simple due to the central focusing wheel which is very easy to handle. Under the right eyepiece is a large dioptric adjustment ring with a special groove to give extra grip during use. This allows the binoculars to be accurately focused and adapted to the individual user to provide a clear and sharp image.

Field of view

Kowa's YFII 8x30 has an extremely wide field of vision of 131 metres at 1000 metres. This makes it possible to observe a large field from one position. This provides a more pleasant viewing experience.

Tripod connection

The YFII series is also equipped with a tripod connection so that the porro binoculars can be placed on a tripod using the optional Kowa tripod adapter (see optional accessories).

Application Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30

Thanks to the Porro prism design and the wide field of view, the binoculars are ideal for use in stadiums, watching sports events and other general observations. The high quality image reproduction also means that the finer details can be perceived in stunning clarity. The binoculars YFII 8x30 has got a magnification of 8 times.
The 100% waterproof, fogproof and rubber armor ensures that the binoculars perform well in wet and rough conditions. This makes the YFII suitable for activities such as bird-watching or sailing, where often low temperatures and a wet climate prevail. In addition, the KR lens coatings are also easy to maintain in dusty and sandy conditions, making the binoculars equally suitable for use on safaris.
Finally, thanks to the extreme flexibility of the binocular bridge, the binoculars would make a great family or shared device, as they could accommodate both long and short interpupillary distances.

 BDII 6x32 XDBDII 8x32 XD
Ø Objective30mm30mm
Close focus distance5,0m5,0m
Field of view (°)8,0°7,5°
Exit pupil5,0mm3,8mm
Light transmission25,014,4
Twilight factor13,415,5
Eye relief20,0mm16,0mm
Interpupillary Distance50 ~ 70 mm50 ~ 70 mm
Field of view /1000m140m131m

Бинокли - Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30 - быстрый заказ от производителя

Бинокли - Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30 - быстрый заказ от производителя

Бинокли - Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30 - быстрый заказ от производителя

Бинокли - Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30 - быстрый заказ от производителя

Бинокли - Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30 - быстрый заказ от производителя

Бинокли - Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30 - быстрый заказ от производителя

Бинокли - Kowa Binoculars YFII 8x30 - быстрый заказ от производителя

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