Falcon Eyes Background System Electric B-2WE for 2 rolls

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Falcon Eyes


2 x Wall/Ceiling Brackets;4 x Holder;1 x Wireless Remote Control;3 x 23A Battery (12V);1 x Receiver System;4 x Wall/Ceiling Screw;Manual


The Falcon Eyes Electric Background System B-2WE has been developed to optimize the available space in your studio. The B-2WE is suitable for 2 background rolls and comes with a wireless remote control (3 batteries included).
;Once you have mounted this system on your wall or ceiling using the supplied screws, you can place the background roll in between. After the system is installed, you can use the wireless remote to roll the backgrounds up and down.
;The total height of the system as measured from the ceiling is 32cm. The distance from the ceiling to the core of the paper rolls is 11 and 14cm and the width of the complete unit (depending on the width of the paper background roll mounted) is up to 2.93m (based on the longest paper roll available – 2.75m).


The B-2WE is suitable for 2 background rolls, both paper and vinyl and comes with a wireless remote control with three batteries. The remote control can be set on channels 1-99. You can determine the width of the background system yourself, so all rolls fit on this system, including the long rolls with a length of 2.72 m. Per roll holder the maximum loadable weight is 10 kg.


You can hang this system on the wall or ceiling by means of the supplied fastening screws, after which you can hang the rolls in between. After this you can use the wireless remote control to roll up and unroll the rolls. Calculated from the ceiling, the full height of the system is 32 cm. The rolls (the heart of it) can be hung at the following fixed distances seen from the ceiling: 11 cm, 14 cm and 18 cm. This is because the suspension brackets both have three different fixed suspension heights. The total outside dimension is maximum 2.93 m (based on the longest roll (2.72 m).


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