Больше не производится - Linkstar Daylight Lamp FLS-3280SB6060 3x28W Softbox 60x60 cm

Lamp Holder; Power Cord; 1 x 60x60cm Softbox; 3 x 28W Spiral Lamp

Linkstar Daylight Lamp FLS-3280SB6060 3x28W Softbox 60x60 cm

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The Linkstar FLS-3280SB6060 Daylight Lamp Holder + 60cm Softbox is complete with 3 28W spiral lamps, which each have a power comparability of 140W. The spiral lamps provide a colour temperature of between 5000K and 5500K. The FLS-3280SB6060 is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography. This set is easy to mount and allows you to create a soft and even light around a person or object. The FLS-3280SB6060 is equipped with 1 power switch. If you wish to minimize your light output, you can simply screw 1 or 2 of the lamps loose. The lamp holder can be easily mounted on a universal light stand. This light stand can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

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